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Everyone has a story to tell and scars that don’t heal

A young, idealistic teen leaves a small town and abusive father behind to join the Navy in a refreshingly down to earth memoir of one woman’s journey of self-discovery. She embraces life with passion and courage, from training and partying with Navy SEALs to skydiving and joining the police force, but when tragic events while serving her country lead to years of nightmares, depression, and PTSD, she must learn to navigate life through the heartache and tears until the laughter and love return.

What our readers are saying…

“Courageously Broken is the story of one woman’s journey of self discovery.  Leaving behind an abusive father, Michaels sets out to join the United States Navy.  Friendships are formed, new places are discovered, and hope for a new start is on the horizon.  Then, an unforgivable moment happens and changes the course for Michaels.  The secret begins, along with changes in mood and performance, becoming increasingly noticeable by friends and superiors.  Venturing into another journey as a law enforcement officer, Michaels is determined to start over.  Will she be able to move forward? Will she be able to heal the scars of her past?  Courageously Broken is brutally honest.  It is full of adventure,  accomplishment, pain, and secrets.  Most of all it is refreshing, hopeful, and inspiring.  As a female law enforcement officer of thirty-three years and the wife of an Army veteran, I can appreciate Michaels’ ability to tell all, knowing she may ruffle a few feathers!”

~ J.L. Treadwell, Deputy Chief, Law Enforcement Veteran

“I was Donna’s commanding officer while she was in Panama serving with the Navy SEALs, which is a great part of her story.  She was a fun loving young petty officer, well-liked and well-respected in our command. She was always willing to take on new challenges such as volunteering to be opposition forces to support our tactical SEAL training operations. Her recollection and description provided some funny and scary moments in her story. When we both left that great command, where we all served together as family, I was truly excited to learn how she’d taken her courage and commitment to service in law enforcement after leaving the Navy. Hers is a compelling story of how the strength of character in a young woman takes hardship and challenge and turns them into confidence and power in service to others.  It is not only a great and fun read, it is an inspiring story of an American Patriot at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st Century. ”

~ Bob Schoultz, Captain U.S. Navy SEAL (retired)

“Looking for a new good read?! Look no further!! As a military veteran, my brothers and sisters in arms have some great stories that we don’t usually share unless we are in the company of other veterans. Even then, it’s questionable. Without giving away, this book is a memoir about a youth that joined the military for reasons that so many other veterans also join for. Then the amazing duty stations/tours that came along with it as well as a career in Public Service following. But it also includes stigmas that so many don’t believe are real or don’t want to accept.
This book isn’t a good read for “just us veterans”. This enlightens so much that also happens in the civilian world that continues to get pushed aside. So, I encourage anyone and everyone to read this book. It’s not to sway opinions about politics, current events, etc. but, in my eyes, to open the eyes of others so they don’t form their opinions from some sugar-coated documentary.”

~ Roxy Vazquez, U.S. Navy Veteran

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